Sunday, March 24, 2013

When Like Minded People Come Together

When Like minded individuals come together to join forces for a common goal they release a force that acts upon nature and every other thing they come in contact with.
“It doesn’t take everyone to affect change it begins with one then two and finally it will spread like a bush fire for the whole world.”
The Samba Project
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Integrity who do you know that is really integral?
Do you even know what the word means?
Does it take or cost anything to be given truth?
We have invented religions and beliefs based on words and when has a word, been the thing?
We live our lives looking in the mirror and so rarely do we have the insights to remember or question.
You can quote, write, preach and communicate, yet in the end we live in a Fatalistic world.
We can try to emulate, but it’s in the trying that we already sow the seeds of failure.
Why do we feel we need the authority to feel alright with ourselves and allow someone even blinder than ourselves to lead and take responsibility for everyone and everything?
When I first began to communicate I documented things and enjoyed the challenges of capturing performances.
I wanted to know what I was producing and it was all an offshoot of speaking and music and then writing- all entertainment.
I have met many people who have called me psychic and they cannot understand why I charge nothing for my writings?
It is a gift and gifts are given freely, because it has nothing to do with nothing, but its free.
They say I walk through the Tarot Cards as the Fool, but the meaning is so abstract as to render it non- sense.
So my audience is for the marvelous, beyond my conception and like a dance I do it for you.
There are a few things that are truer than others - They are obvious by way of any integral person.
We all are here by the grace of whatever you want to call it and when it is our time we go. “No one gets out of here alive” all of us need to know what living is all about then- the craziness and the accepting of false hood, become as transparent as the truth.
When we accept things we become complacent then you stop in your motion.
When you surrender to life which includes your demise then you become open to seeing what is real and then everything and everyone will understand- its so simple, yet the most magnificent event that was ever produced- the Here and Now.
That is why I write words- This is why I accept the challenge of speaking from my heart and that is why I do it-


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