Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello World Welcome to My Blog

                                                    Nigel and Me in the Cascade Mountains
Welcome to my blog. Here you can find interesting stories behind the videos that I have on my 2 YouTube channels.
Joel Samuel           BS Cactus

Time is the only thing that can never be replaced- so I have to prioritize where I spend my time.
YouTube has my biggest audience by far, because of all the work I have put into my two channels joelsamuel and bscactus- I have over 900 original documentaries for everyone to watch.
Then I also spend a lot of time on Facebook, connecting with new and old friends, yet my audience there is very small in comparison.
Myspace has more people, but it isn't as intimate, yet I try to keep up with it and my writers site which pays money for everything I upload called Gather.

My blog is really the story of my life.  I hope to piece together many adventures through stories, videos, and pictures - as well as adding my own philosophy of sort.  I welcome all your comments and questions, and if there is anything from my past shows that you would like to see, just ask, and hopefully I will be able to post it on YouTube.   

Welcome to my show and I hope you enjoy your time.
Best regards,
Joel Samuel

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