Thursday, March 7, 2013


When I began producing and writing I knew that I would have an audience because I was presenting it as variety entertainment -full of all the diversity it contains.
Have you ever noticed how strangely some things actually work?
Lately I have been watching and listening and I see how many people are now finding it politically correct to expose their feelings as if wanting to win a popularity contest.
Our elections are in direct correlation to how many people vote for the next American Idol and at the same time you see how easily society accepts and stops questioning the status quo.
Opinions are like art and using words complicate it, because words can take on so many different  meanings.  Add on top of this the strange advent of "sound bites" and "twitter" and "Facebook", the social media craze- and now a chipmunk doing the Harlem yada yada is the next "big thing".

Everyone loves to give advice. What one person calls constructive criticism another thinks  it an insult.  Many people build their livelihoods on having special information that they are betting you do not have and will pay for these services.  Agents, lawyers and advisers who are getting paid for their services really treat things superficially.  If you have talent is subjective and totally arbitrary.  The odds are if you produce and take it at all seriously then you will always find others that agree or appreciate your art.

A song written by the band Moody Blues- the Tide Rushes In -says it another way.
“You keep looking for someone, to tell your secrets to.
I’ll sit down and lend an ear, yet I’ll hear nothing new."

Some people feel a need to engage me and attack what I feel is my contribution and many old friends have dropped out, because they feel hurt and abandoned.  There are so many unspoken agreements and missed communications and now in the age of the electric word we can kill someone with the delete button and terminate all probability of any reconciliation.  We accept the new cliche rehab or a debate and confessions and the constant apologies. What began as a great experiment of "reality TV" is being turned into a sponsored big business monster.

Look at what is plastered all around to capture your mind and indulge your senses.

So what is the internet all about for you?
I have always followed my own light and stepped to the beat of my own drummer- we are here for such a short time and why squander it.
Time is the only thing you cannot replace and how much of our life seems such a waste of time.
              If you build it they will come.
              If it is true, it will live on.
              Trust your heart and walk your talk.
              If you do this you will find.
              You haven’t the time to look behind.
              If you speak it they will know?
              That its all for you and its just a show.
Best Regards,          

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